Posted September 16, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


The fallen leaves make the orange path.
The orange path leads you to the fall.
The fall leads you to the happiness man.
That man takes you to the happiness of fall.
To use the orange, you touch it, and it becomes fall.
You taste it, it is orange!
You listen to it, you get the dream.

By Gan, 3rd grade
[photo by amymillerphotos via flickr]

Ode to Clementines

Posted April 12, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.

clementines1.jpgOh, have you ever trifled with

a juicy tree treasure?

Oh, have you owned

an orange orb?

Oh, have you conjured

a Clementine,

With all its juicy jumble?

The delicate flavors

tango on the tongue,

spraying their

supple sweetness.

Tangy but tart,

tree treasure from

the earth—

the Courageous Clementine!

By Jacob, age 8
(photo by BabyJD via flickr)