The Cradle

Posted January 3, 2014 & filed under Notebook.


I’d like to think of you as an ugly dark
Secret, even though you are a beauty
My frail bony arm says I’m frantic and melancholy
But I’m not
My young ones turn their face, hoping not
Bear the same image I gaze upon you
But there are four of us and one of you
Three of them and two of us
Let’s not declare war
Let’s not suffer any longer than we have to in this life
I will remain frail and bony
To your dark beautiful eyes

by Miyha, 8th Grade


Posted February 11, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

You see a block of wood,
but I see a carving of a baby
wrapped in gold and shining cloth.

You see a piece of paper,
but I see a love note.
It says love is human.
Whatever you say,
I see a girl,
and she’s human,
and she’s loved.

By Dahlia, 4th grade
[photo by erin via flickr]

To the Artist

Posted April 19, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.

Here we go.
Now, do this right, or you will be a failure.
I need an oval face.
My eyes are like my childhood—all miserable.
My nose should be a leaning triangle
and my mouth, an upside-down banana.
No ears. My body is stick-like.
But in the background,
merely me on a dragon with no legs
and a snake body and a rectangle head,
and the rest you can do,
but put us in the sky with dusty clouds.
And last but not least,
write your signature in cursive for my hair.
Or a little squiggle if your name is small.

By Alex, age 10
(photo by Jaki Good via flickr)to-the-artist.jpg


Posted January 25, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

sparkly-by-ka-rasmuson-via-flickr.jpg Today I’m a fairy; tomorrow I’ll be a rainbow butterfly. When I look at a picture lots of things start to happen to me. I see some gold and silver dust that sparkles with joy.

Then, I hear something that makes a beautiful noise. I look here and there. I look almost everywhere. Then I see a tree. It speaks to me and tells me that if I think of music, I’ll find the beautiful sounds.

So, I think of music and what do I see? I see a multi-colored butterfly looking at me. It says that if I follow it, I will see where that music is. When we get there I see that where the music comes from is from me.

by Amy, 3rd Grade
(photo by Ka Rasmuson via flickr)