Posted January 29, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

I think of the way you burn, fire

Your burning, bright flames light up the lonely night, fire

Your yellow flames are like the misty water, fire

The way you sizzle and sparkle is strange, fire

You have helped our lonely world, fire

You have burned lots of lovely buildings, fire

The steamy heat that you produce is strong, fire

You have lighted many dark rooms, fire

You have polluted the world’s air, fire

You have melted all sorts of metals, fire

You have taken the lives of helpless things, fire

Your dark, misty smoke fills up the dark night, fire

You have traveled all over the world, fire

You have been in many things like candles, fireplaces,

And many more, fire

You have helped and not helped the lives of humans, fire

Humans have helped you in many countless ways, fire

We have destroyed you and brought you back, fire

You have burned me, fire

People have found many of your weaknesses, fire

You have been here since the beginning of time, fire

You have been on many countless planets and suns, fire

I will be waiting for you, fire

by Kevin Nguyen, 5th Gradefire-34by-rogers.jpg