Posted April 5, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.

Silence, like anything, is too hard. It’s a nothing.
A word is not silence.
It asks questions. You can hear it.
Mountains are not silence.You can see
them very clearly with their white snow caps.
Wind is not silence. You can feel its calm blow.
A flower is not silence. You can smell it for pure joy.
A cracker is not silence. You can taste its sweetness.
Silence is something so valuable. It is scary.
It turns scarier over time. Silence is inside you.
Even when you yell.
It is always there.
Except at night.
It comes out, gives you chills, ties you in a knot.

By Mackenzie, age 8

[photo by Philippe Saint-Laudy via flickr]

video = 57 seconds long

Ode to a Comfortable Silence: A Sonnet

Posted January 24, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

You can not have a conversation and
avoid the necessity of a pause.
The silence takes the mouth under a hand
for whatever reason, some unfathomed cause.
Do not fear the silence after you speak;
it’s not a ragged void, or stony wall.
Accept the silent moments as they sneak
into your conversations when they shall.
Try to love this time for what it is.
Don’t spend it groping wildly in space.
It’s a moment for reflection, not a quiz,
and not a time to overlook in haste.
It might not have meaning, but it has might,
a poetry, a purpose, and a right.

by Raygan, 11th grade


(photo by Owen via flickr)