WITS Class Hears Back from President Obama

Posted May 28, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


As part of the Poems for Obama Project, the WITS 4th grade classes at Burbank Elementary  sent poems and letters to President Obama. Yesterday the students received a signed note and photo in return [see below] from President Obama. Here is an example of one of their poems:

To Honor the States

We all have rights.

We all have kindness in us.

So we need to share our dignity

and have a considerate mind.

We should never treat people wrong.

We know we need our education

to have a job and teach our own

children what we learned.

That is the only way to get by in life.

By John, 4th gradeObama Note

Houston Students Write Poems for Obama

Posted March 13, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

These poems were written by fourth graders at Pugh Elementary School in Houston.

Dear Mr. President
I would like you to
Know to help the homeless.
Give rich to the poor.
Then never start drama
At school.
Stay strong, love the people
All around you at all
Make this a new world.
“Yes you can!”

Dear Mr. President
Stop the drugs.
Give food to the hungry.
Do you like being
This country is protected.
Thank you.

WITS students across Houston wrote poems to President Obama on the occasion of his inauguration, January 2009.