Rainy Day

Posted June 28, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


I aimed at my target like a sniper. I waited for the perfect moment to attack. My comrades waited for my instructions. I told them to follow my every move. “Now attack!” I shouted. We fell out of the sky determined to soak our enemy.

Splash!!! I hit my target, and he ran for cover. My comrades managed to get some shots off, but he was soaking wet. As I soaked into his jacket, I saw him put up an umbrella to try to foil our plans. We recovered and managed just in time to get run over by cars and bicycles. As we stormed the world, we managed to end up in the ocean.

People all around the world love the rainy days. We just give them what they want. Again and again, we pound our adversaries until the bright yellow sun comes out and tells us we can resume our rain another day. For now, we will let the people enjoy the sunny days. Until then, we make puddles so little kids can play. We make swamps that animals can live in. When we really want to have fun, we storm through open riversides and have little roller-coaster rides. The sun evaporates us, but we will be back for more.

By Devon, 7th grade
Photo by shesnuckinfuts via Flickr