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What kind of animal…

• squawks for food
• has rainbow feathers
• stares at you with yellow, green, and black eyes
• has a white, peach, and black beak
• makes a big racket
• snaps its sharp beak while eating
• makes a big riot
• feels smooth on its feathers
• scratches at windows
• smells spoiled and tastes rotten
• talks like people
• lives in tropical rainforests
• is very rowdy
• has a feathery body
• often lives with 80 or more friends?

Think it over for 10 seconds….

Answer: a parrot
By Casey, 2nd grade

Animal Riddle 2

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I like to eat cheese.

I am a furry rodent.

I always get trapped.

by Andres, 3rd grade

Answer: I am a rat.

Animal Riddle 1

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I strike prey with my nose.

I fight my predators well.

I am long and blue.

by Javier, 3rd grade

Answer: I am a marlin.

Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery

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I begin this lesson by asking my students to define what a “riddle” is.
They say:
“A riddle is like a problem you have to solve.”
“Riddles have clues.”
“You’re supposed to guess what something is.”

As a warm up, I read riddles that former students have written, and the class guesses what the answers might be. We discuss how writers can give clues about their object’s properties, use, or habitat. The students try to stump each other–let’s see if they’ve stumped you!

Mystery Object

My object is round.
It has three hands.
It has a number
Of numbers that is a dozen.
It is as quiet as a mouse.
9, 12, 6, and 3
Are enemies.
It also helps you when

You’re lost in time.

By Ty, 3rd Grade

Sea Shore

I am as dull as a rock.
I’m grayer than a dolphin.
I hurt people when they step on me.
You don’t often see me.
I’m not worth a lot, just your treasure.
And I contain great beauty.
What am I?

By Theresa, 3rd Gradeamy-lin-in-a-maze.jpg

You can guess your answers in the comment section below. Read my next post for the answers to these riddles!

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