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A Poem Inspired by Ryler Dustin’s “Allie”

Big brother,

you’re missed.

Missed like when you missed

the bus on the first day of school, and mom

had to drive you there.

Missed like when you made me go

away from your room when you had

your friend come over.

You’re missed when you’re mad

and start to yell because I got you

in trouble.  Missed like when you put

my dolls down the toilet.  Missed

when you went on a school trip,

and had to go to the hospital

because you broke your arm.

And now you are missed since

you are serving our country

as a Navy soldier.

But you won’t be missed

when you come back home to tell me

your new stories and adventures.

Big brother,

you’re missed.

You always have been.

By Fallon, 6th grade

WITS Supports Public Poetry!

Posted September 1, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

Poetry is alive and well in Houston! Public Poetry, a nonprofit organization founded to bring poets and the general community together and to create a buzz about poetry, is ready to celebrate again.

Join in the fun at Kendall Neighborhood Library (609 N. Eldridge, 77079) on Saturday, September 3rd, at 2 PM.

This month’s featured poets include Hayan Charara, Marcell Murphy, longtime WITS supporter Susan Wood, and WITS writer Ryler Dustin. KUHF‘s St. John Flynn will make a guest appearance, and student poet, Lucie Gulick, from WITS will perform!

After the reading, we’ll head over to Beans Café Coffeehouse for some good conversation.  Directions: Turn right out of the library parking lot, and then take 1st left just after the first traffic light (1127 Eldridge Parkway).

Mention PUBLIC POETRY and get a 10% discount on any coffee drink. Original photos from Katya Horner will be on display. Enjoy a great hour of on September 3rd, 2 PM, Kendall Neighborhood Library.