Picture Day

Posted September 25, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

Wish you were here.
It’s picture day.
I want you to see how I look.
The background is blue,
the bored photographer is sighing,
waiting for me to smile.
She’s pressuring me,
making me tilt my head sideways.
I know she wants it to be perfect.
As I try to make it so,
I am too aware
of the people waiting behind me.
They’re twirling their hair, and
doing last minute make-up,
shooting glances at me, and
checking their watches.
As the camera flashes, I’m still thinking
about the smile I’m going to use.
It turned out terrible,
my smile upside down.
So I send you, instead,
a picture of my little sister.
It turned out much better than mine.
She looks so good.
I hope you enjoy it!

By Natasha, 7th grade
[photo by I Travel East via flickr]