My Brother

Posted June 4, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

[Photo by Fort Photo via Flickr]

I walked out my door
to the pond and made
ripples in the water
Velvet swallows cried
out the pain I felt
My brother’s whisper
was still with me
Wind whirled around me
and my sigh was quiet
I thought I’d be going
to heaven that moment
to be with my brother
But instead it snowed and I
closed my eyes and walked
back toward the door sadly.

By Jessica, 3rd grade

Holding My Little Sister

Posted April 2, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.


I remember one sunny Friday I went to the
hospital with my parents to see my newborn
sister. There was a lady holding my little sister,
and she asked me, “Would you like to hold your
little sister?” I said, “Okay.” While I was
holding my little sister, my mom said, “Why
don’t we take a picture?” The lady took the
picture for us. When I was holding my little
sister, I felt happy that I was a big brother. She
felt really small, and it felt like I could squeeze
her, but I wouldn’t do that. I felt cool about
being a big brother, and one day I can tell my
sister what happened when she was small and I
held her.

By David, age 8

[photo by Stefanie via flickr]