A New Poet

Posted July 28, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


Finding a new poet
is like finding a new solar system
out in the galaxies

you don’t see its name in the solar system books
and nobody you tell believes
in its odd color or the way its cliffs go.

By Kendall, 4th grade
[photo by th3qh05t via flickr]

The Cat’s Meow

Posted May 7, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

To teach first graders about the simile, I brought in photographs and little figurines of cats. After I explained similes, the class practiced creating similes about cats out loud. I used the students’ verbal practice as a way to check their understanding. Sometimes students will suggest “I like the cat’s pillowy paws.” To that, I counter that we aren’t using the word “like” to describe what we enjoy about the cat. Then we could rearrange the sentence into: the cat’s paws are like small orange pillows. That’s a simile.

Before beginning the solo writing part of the workshop, I give each group of students a picture or figurine to help inspire their similes. I enjoyed the students’ poems, and I think you’ll agree they are the cat’s meow.

My Cat

My cat’s head looks round like a sun.

My cat’s ears look like a witch’s hat.

My cat’s eyes look like a hole.

My cat’s nose looks like an O.

My cat’s mouth looks like a wave.

My cat’s whiskers look like a stick.

My cat’s tail looks like a hook.

My cat’s legs look like an L.

My cat’s body looks like fur.

My cat’s neck looks like a heart.amy lin

By Kevin, First Grade

(photo by babykailan via flickr)

posted by Amy Lin, Writers in the Schools

Sky by D.J.

Posted February 6, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

the sky is like a blanket of blueindigo-by-scottwills-via-flickr.jpg

a patch of blue on my quilt

like a pocket on my shirt

a shirt that is blue

it looks like the ocean

the ocean from the window of a plane

like a big blob of paint on a canvas

on a big white canvas

like a folder of blue

like a blue ink pen

like a blue crayon

by D.J., 7th Grade

(photo by Scott Wills via flickr)