My Life with An Older Sister

Posted May 4, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


I was lying on a hill, looking at the sky so blue.

Usually, in the evening, we go outside to look for comets.

I’ve always remembered how you’ve helped me with my homework,
maybe over 1000 times.

When I was three and you were nine, I loved sharing my day with you,
walking the dog, talking about school.

At age eleven, you changed, starting acting more mature,
and I felt left out.

Sometimes, love can be painful,
like cutting yourself with a knife.

But I love you still as much as a doctor needs patients,
as much as a home needs a family.

Does the sunset ever get hungry since it only eats dinner?

My heart beats all the time, but beats quite hard when I’m around you.

Writing valentines to you is not like eating brussel sprouts.

It is like if we were both twins, had the same classes,
and could talk about the same things every day.

Mary Grace, 3rd Grade
[photo by je suis amy via flickr]