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My skateboard shoots through the air like a comet that drank 20 sodas.
My skateboard is like gold . . . shiny, cool, and priceless.
My skateboard is the swift ocean breeze.
My skateboard can turn on a dime.
My skateboard can grind on the toughest steel.
My skateboard has a grip that you could use as a baseball glove.
My skateboard can jump one zillion school buses.
My skateboard can go faster than time.
My skateboard can do so many tricks
it will make your head spin.
My skateboard is so slick it could be an FBI agent if it wanted.
My skateboard is unbeatable.
My skateboard’s hang time record is 1 year 4 months 8 days 16 minutes and 4 seconds.
Too bad I don’t know how to ride it.
By Evan, 7th grade
[photo by EirikB via flickr]

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The Skate Logo

Posted January 5, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

I’ve been skating for 2 years. My friends invited me to a skateboarding party, and I went down a ramp and fell and busted my butt and knocked my breath out and when I got up, I said, “I wanna do this.”

bear-clause-via-flickrSo, I’ve been practicing and practicing, and I can do an ollie to a double kick flip. Right now I’m on crutches so I can’t do much. But, if my mom would let me, I’d still try.I skate in my neighborhood and sometimes the Kay skate park. I love extreme sports because I like the adrenalin rush, the risk and the challenge.

To be good at skateboarding you need to be strong; you need discipline to practice the techniques you need for each trick; and most importantly, you need to be fearless. Sometimes I watch YouTube to see the skateboarders. I came up with my own trick by watching others. It’s kinda like a combined 360 with a kick flip and heel flip going into a nose manual. It’s pretty cool.

by Carlos, age 13

photo by Andy Walker via flickr


Posted January 10, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

I ollie to the
Kickflip with my
Board, trucks, &
Wheels, the tricks
Are the element
My board I have
To ride, smoothly
I steady, I kick
Faster & faster
I bail & fall now.
It is a disaster.
I am no longer
The master.

by Giuliano, 9th Grade



Posted December 6, 2007 & filed under Notebook.


rushing to the bright light
crushing the paint that’s right
swirling the lime green on
fiber glass through the night
going to your cozy spot
and making the metal hot,
blue and orange sparks flying
through the dark like shots
swigging a swirl and making a
curl, hurling a twirl to the sky
up high—don’t let the
zigzag get in your eye
dazzle the dime and razzle
the wine, neon red hoodooing
through my inner calm, black
stalling and falling everwhichaway
as long as nobody says get outta my
way, zipping and zagging through
a lazy day, shutting the door and

by Leander, age 14