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The sky looks like soup or wallpaper

it’s all gray and still and thick

All I see are black birds in the trees

By Jaxson, 3rd grade

Midnight World

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Nobody disturbs

a sleeping road

at midnight.

Nobody disturbs

the jewels of the

sleeping sky

at midnight.

When the sky turns black,

everything begins to sleep

until the sky spins red.

Everything is quiet

and peaceful

everything is gone,

only peace and quiet are still there

until the sky turns red.

That’s midnight.

By Hyunnsun, 9th Grade

Former WITS student on American Idol tonight

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Former WITS student Christian Spear will continue to compete tonight for her chance to become the next American Idol. Christian wowed the judges in Dallas two weeks ago with her rendition of “All I Can Do is Cry” by Etta James, earning a unanimous vote and a golden ticket to continue on to the Hollywood portion of the competition. We wish her the best of luck as she continues to share her voice with America.

Below is a poem written by Christian as part of her WITS class in 2003.

The Sky and the Clouds

The clouds are so beautiful as they
move across the sky, although they
look as if they are prancing.
The light blue sky turns darker
when day ends.

The clouds in the day time look
as if they are prancing on the
sky, although the sky looks like a
thick blue blanket.

[top photo from; lower photo by reiusu via flickr]

In El Cielo

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The cold breeze
blows love to me and
warms my Corazon.
The blood flows
under my feet and
makes a river.
The sidewalk is made
out of daisies, and El Mar
is deep and wide.
This is the beginning of
El Futuro.

By Elizabeth, 6th grade
[photo by mikestuartwood via flickr]

The Silence of the Sky

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A vibrant star shows off its metallic light,
The blackest night that stretches on forever,
A crescent moon that lights the darkest places of the world,
And a sun that shines always like a smile on a six year old’s face.

There’s a sky that has no limit,
There’s a place where you can touch the stars
Where the clouds seem transparent, but there’s more . . .
There are stars that talk to me at night, lulling me to sleep with stories never heard before.
There’s a window at the bottom of the ocean.
If only I could get there.

There’s a place no one’s heard of where the silent wind walks across the sea
Leaving footprints so narrow you need a microscope to see.
Where the clouds are always there with tiny drops of hope.
So will you walk with me into the sky on a box of heavy clouds?
You have only failed if you failed to try,
So take my hand, walk with me into the blinding light of the sun.

By Jessica, 7th grade
[photo by lala_valse via flickr]

Sky by D.J.

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the sky is like a blanket of blueindigo-by-scottwills-via-flickr.jpg

a patch of blue on my quilt

like a pocket on my shirt

a shirt that is blue

it looks like the ocean

the ocean from the window of a plane

like a big blob of paint on a canvas

on a big white canvas

like a folder of blue

like a blue ink pen

like a blue crayon

by D.J., 7th Grade

(photo by Scott Wills via flickr)