Green Day

Posted March 17, 2015 & filed under Notebook, Poem, Student Writing.

imagesI like to play tricks on a green day

like pinch my aunt on the shoulder

and put green eggs in my dog’s bowl

I like to sneak around on a green day

like a leprechaun in the bushes

I like to wear hats on a green day

and listen to the band Green Day

while I wear my lucky green socks

By Jonathan, 3rd Grade



Posted March 17, 2014 & filed under Notebook.

On St. Patrick’s Day

I’m going to eat

green beans and play green games

I’ll sing green songs and drink green juice

It will rain down green money and we’ll

sail down a green river and all

be happy green like the Irish

By Pearl, 2nd grade


Posted March 14, 2012 & filed under Notebook.

I’m not looking for gold at the end of a rainbow

Or leprachauns hiding in my backyard

I’m not looking for a big party

I just want to feel good again

and run and play with my best friend.

By Janet, 2nd grade