Word Party!

Posted June 6, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

School’s out!  It’s time to celebrate.  In addition to going to a summer fest, we invite you to throw a party for poetry!

 That’s right.  Grab a pencil and go to town!  You’ve got all the time in the world to play with words. No tests, no teachers.  Just you and the wide world of words.  So, invite some friends and see what your collective brains spurt out!

Here is one 4th grader’s “word party” poem to inspire you:  

Celebrate words for the fun of it!

In the middle of your brain is a word warrior.

It spurts out words like neon rain and crunch of gold.

Tangled, loopy.

Frizzy, iggily.

Words are an ancient song of praise.

Busy or slow?  Crowded or desolate?

East or west?  Left or right?

My world of words, a personal world.

I’m keeping its eyes and ears open!

Can you see under my skin?

I have blood cells of words.

I keep my promises.

It’s time to head home.

See you at next year’s celebration of words!

By Clarissa, age 10

by Marcia Chamberlain, Writers in the Schools


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During the summer I would ride my bike every day. As I got on my bike I enjoyed riding my bike down the streets. The wind was a small detail of my daily bike rides. I thought of it as a refreshment. The breeze on my face was calming and nice. As I rode my bike, I heard my surroundings: a dog barking or someone mowing their lawn. The twists and turns were so much fun to ride! It made me feel like a rocket bursting out with energy. I said to myself, “Hop on, or you might miss out on the ride of a lifetime.”


by Paul, 5th grade

Summer Camp for Young Writers

Posted June 7, 2007 & filed under Notebook.

The WITS Summer Camp programs begin on Monday, June 11. The camp, co-sponsored by Rice University, has been named the “Best Summer Program for Kids” by the Houston Press. The central campus at Annunciation Orthodox School is nearly full. There are still spaces available for children in grades K-5 on the north Houston campus, located at Aldine Academy. For more information, click here.

Paradise by Kevin

Posted April 30, 2007 & filed under Poem of the Day.

The boy skips along the beach
In his paradise.

He stops and watches the foaming waves
In his paradise.

A crab scuttles around his feet
In his paradise.

The water laps against his toes
In his paradise.

The sand is his castle now
In his paradise.

He’s the king of all the beach
In his paradise.

He lies down on the sand, and
He’s in his paradise.

by Kevin, 4th grade