Like Me

Posted November 25, 2013 & filed under Notebook.

Sunset shines really bright

Yellow and purple
Like me

Fluffy clouds are
Fluffy as my pillow

Ocean water moves with waves
Shine bright like the sun
Looks warm like coffee
Pretty like me

Big like a city and a basketball
Cute like me

Sunset shines like the beach
Smells good like a roasted turkey
On Thanksgiving Day

It is so beautiful
like me.

by Heather, 4th grade

Son las oche de la noche ~ Eight in the evening

Posted January 14, 2011 & filed under Notebook.

At the Edge of the Forest

Son las ocho de la noche

El sol estaba cayendo.
Sólo se veía parte de su redondez.
Las hojas flotando sobre el río.
Las nubes en el cielo volando como el aire.
Los árboles más altos que yo.
Las plantas en el suelo tocando mis pies.
Estoy caminando entre los árboles que huelen como tierra,
las hojas que huelen como menta.
El agua del río que se puede tocar, brillante como el sol.
La briza transparente, volando por todas partes,
hace música, como si fuera un pájaro cantando una canción.
Estoy entre los árboles con muchas ramas juntas.
El sol estaba cayendo.
Todo completo y maravilloso.
Son las ocho de la noche.


Eight in the Evening

The sun was falling down.
One can only see part of its roundness.
Leaves are floating on the river.
The clouds on the sky, flying like the air.
The trees, taller than I am.
The plants on the ground are touching my feet.
I’m walking among the trees that smell like soil,
and the leaves that smell like mint.
One can touch the river water, shining like the sun.
The transparent breeze, flies everywhere,
and makes music, like a bird singing a song.
I am among trees with lots of branches together.
The sun is falling down.
Everything is complete and wonderful.
It is eight in the evening.

By Josseline, 2nd grade

Photo by Cristian V. via Flickr