My Epic Hero

Posted April 20, 2009 & filed under Poem of the Day.


What happened to the old superman
when no one man could save the earth or land?

I saw a puddle that flooded a city
I saw one with sheets killing ones with not
I saw a bench that didn’t accept darkness
I saw black boots that stomped on the white doves
I saw one play toy kill a little child
I saw a kid hunt a man
I saw a man kill a man for green paper
I saw an offspring cry for his life
I saw a man sniff a rock and die
I saw a woman lose track of her child
I saw a woman struggle to get away from the man
I saw a child kill for his colors

What happened to the mighty superman
who could save one but not the others?

I heard a child cry no one listening
I heard a child run away for 1000 reasons
I heard a man cry for his rights

By Gabriel, 7th grade

This poem is featured as part of the 2009 A Poem A Day campaign, a National Poetry Month celebration by WITS that features a different poem by a WITS student every day during April.