Poetic Questionnaire for Valentine’s Day

Posted February 13, 2018 & filed under mentor text, Poem, Student Writing.



1. Why do I always __________ ?

A. Fall in love
B. Fall for the wrong one
C. Sleep
D. Cry


2. Why am I always ___________ ?

A. Getting hurt
B. Crying
C. Catching feelings fast
D. Stressed


3. Why didn’t he ___________ ?

A. Tell me
B. Show me
C. Love me
D. Love me like he said


4. Why are there __________ boys?

A. Unfaithful
B. Stupid
C. Lying
D. Cheating


5. Why can’t we just ____________ ?

A. Be together
B. Work it out
C. Love each other
D. Stay together


by Dariana, 8th grade

Where Is Love?

Posted June 19, 2012 & filed under Notebook.

I look across the sky

and wonder where is love?

If you see me,

will you see me

again and again?
The yellow sun may be
my only companion.
I run from the chilly
pain of unknowing.
Always remember me
A rock, a flower.
By Aderial, 8th grade