The Sound of the Trumpet

Posted September 29, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


What is that noise, that noise
Sounds really beautiful
Pum, Pum, Bang, Bang.
It sounds like it is coming
From this room.

No. It is coming
From over there.
But when I look up
In the sky,
That sound sounds again –
Pum, Pum, Bang, Bang.
When I look up in the sky
It keeps on getting fainter.
But I don’t want it to go away.
Every time I hear that sound,
It seems like I’m getting
Closer to my dreams
Of being a musician.
When I look up in the sky
That sound again –
Pum, Pum, Bang, Bang
I see a shiny light and
The angel playing
The trumpet.

By Rudy, 6th grade
[photo by Bradleywindy via flickr]