Poetic Questionnaire for Valentine’s Day

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1. Why do I always __________ ?

A. Fall in love
B. Fall for the wrong one
C. Sleep
D. Cry


2. Why am I always ___________ ?

A. Getting hurt
B. Crying
C. Catching feelings fast
D. Stressed


3. Why didn’t he ___________ ?

A. Tell me
B. Show me
C. Love me
D. Love me like he said


4. Why are there __________ boys?

A. Unfaithful
B. Stupid
C. Lying
D. Cheating


5. Why can’t we just ____________ ?

A. Be together
B. Work it out
C. Love each other
D. Stay together


by Dariana, 8th grade

Very Valentine

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You may be racing to trouble

Slivers of glass, open the door

Under the sun, across utopia

What you can’t see, you may not be.

Imagine new worlds inspired

Think bigger

Behind closed doors, I’m taking control.

Desire, I’m in your life

Watch and learn.


by Richard, 11th grade

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My Life with An Older Sister

Posted May 4, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


I was lying on a hill, looking at the sky so blue.

Usually, in the evening, we go outside to look for comets.

I’ve always remembered how you’ve helped me with my homework,
maybe over 1000 times.

When I was three and you were nine, I loved sharing my day with you,
walking the dog, talking about school.

At age eleven, you changed, starting acting more mature,
and I felt left out.

Sometimes, love can be painful,
like cutting yourself with a knife.

But I love you still as much as a doctor needs patients,
as much as a home needs a family.

Does the sunset ever get hungry since it only eats dinner?

My heart beats all the time, but beats quite hard when I’m around you.

Writing valentines to you is not like eating brussel sprouts.

It is like if we were both twins, had the same classes,
and could talk about the same things every day.

Mary Grace, 3rd Grade
[photo by je suis amy via flickr]

I’m Your Man

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Your style is natural like
The world
Your eyes have meaning
New time traditions
Your heart runs
Around me

By Timothy, 9th grade
[photo by Yess via flickr]

Evelyn’s Life in Cupid’s Hair

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Evelyn S. lived
In a little house
In Cupid’s hair,
Two curly hairs beside her.
She took out
And she took out
A few ash blonde hairs,
She stood in front of her house
And she said to herself,
There’s a big world
Out there,
And with that she jumped
And fell in a lover’s
Ear, confused.

By Evelyn, 3rd grade
[photo by Lal Khan via flickr]

Much Love

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I love you
With a love
That isn’t love
Which is a
Different love
From the depth of
Love that
Is from me
The most
Soul ever
In the time
Of history

I love you
Like the sun
Loves to warm the
Plants I love
You so much
I would go to
The breadth
Of the universe

When you walk
Your body moves
To the music of
Love in my soul
I love you so
That I write until
I have no more hands

By Damien, 6th grade
[photo by farawla foshya via flickr]

Tell Me About Your Heart

Posted February 13, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

Every Valentine’s day, I feel laurenlevyinundated with images of hearts. Construction paper heart cutouts decorate classrooms and hallways, and it feels as if I can’t walk into any sort of shop without being bombarded by floating balloon hearts, candy-filled cardboard hearts, ceramic cup hearts, tiny candy conversation hearts, stuffed fabric hearts. In all their material glory, these saccharine proxies for love never adequately reflect the complexity of what our own hearts contain.

And so it was that about two years ago, I was delighted to see a beautiful untitled sculpture by native Texas artist Lauren Levy which featured a red button heart that bloomed pencil stubs. The inspiring play of delicacy, strength, preciousness and the everyday enchanted me; this image had captured something of what my heart really felt like.

I kick myself every day for not finding a way to purchase that sculpture. However, this artwork did inspire me to ask my young writers what they imagined their own hearts could be made of. With some consideration, these writers produced Valentine-themed poems much more interesting –and dare I say, more heartfelt— than the stock “Roses are red, violets are blue” Valentine chants. Here is one young girl’s response:

My Heart’s Expressions

My heart is a quiet room
filled with candles. My heart
is red and pink unique
buttons. My heart is a tiny
egg wanting to burst out,
with sounds of little baby
puppies whimpering for milk.
My heart is a pocket for
people I love. My heart is
a place for red juicy punch.tria
My heart is a purple silk
ribbon waiting to be untied.

by Audie, 2nd grade

posted by Tria Wood, Writers in the Schools