I Wonder

Posted February 14, 2014 & filed under Notebook.

Who knows when the rain is coming?
What in the world are you doing?
Where do birds go in winter?
And when are you coming back?
How much money does a flying car cost?
Does Mars have aliens?
How many aliens are in space?
Why does the rain cool?
Why am I not sitting with you
on this pretty Valentine’s Day?

by Omar, 2nd grade

Illustration by Patrick Moberg

My Heart

Posted February 4, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

My heart is built
from blue ice and shiny

My heart is a red
feather that fell from
a robin migrating.

My heart is a lion
roaring for food.

My heart is my
future waiting to
be solved.

By Matt, 3rd grade
[photo by LittleMissPip via flickr]

I’m Your Man

Posted February 13, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

Your style is natural like
The world
Your eyes have meaning
New time traditions
Your heart runs
Around me

By Timothy, 9th grade
[photo by Yess via flickr]

Evelyn’s Life in Cupid’s Hair

Posted February 6, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

Evelyn S. lived
In a little house
In Cupid’s hair,
Two curly hairs beside her.
She took out
And she took out
A few ash blonde hairs,
She stood in front of her house
And she said to herself,
There’s a big world
Out there,
And with that she jumped
And fell in a lover’s
Ear, confused.

By Evelyn, 3rd grade
[photo by Lal Khan via flickr]

Much Love

Posted February 5, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

I love you
With a love
That isn’t love
Which is a
Different love
From the depth of
Love that
Is from me
The most
Soul ever
In the time
Of history

I love you
Like the sun
Loves to warm the
Plants I love
You so much
I would go to
The breadth
Of the universe

When you walk
Your body moves
To the music of
Love in my soul
I love you so
That I write until
I have no more hands

By Damien, 6th grade
[photo by farawla foshya via flickr]

Two Sad Balloons

Posted February 4, 2009 & filed under Notebook.

I can give advice to a balloon
I can tell him not to feel sad
He can stop feeling lonely
Because I am with him
I can give advice to a balloon
I can tell her not to fall
In love with the wrong balloon
Because first there is a hug
Then there’s a kiss and
Finally there’s a tear, so don’t
Ever cry or you will pop

By Oneida, 7th grade

Ode to a Rose

Posted January 26, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


the wall with rose. the model of India Gate wi...

the wall with rose. the model of India Gate with roses at Lalbagh flower show 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The flaming red
flower with a healthy
stem spreads love and
passion throughout
the world, until the
cold winter comes and
takes the love and
passion away. As the
flower droops more and
more, the leaves fall and
the flower rots. But first,
the flower spreads its seeds
blown by the wind,
so there will be more
passion and love to
do the same thing,
again and again.

By Austin, 3rd grade

Tell Me About Your Heart

Posted February 13, 2008 & filed under Notebook.

Every Valentine’s day, I feel laurenlevyinundated with images of hearts. Construction paper heart cutouts decorate classrooms and hallways, and it feels as if I can’t walk into any sort of shop without being bombarded by floating balloon hearts, candy-filled cardboard hearts, ceramic cup hearts, tiny candy conversation hearts, stuffed fabric hearts. In all their material glory, these saccharine proxies for love never adequately reflect the complexity of what our own hearts contain.

And so it was that about two years ago, I was delighted to see a beautiful untitled sculpture by native Texas artist Lauren Levy which featured a red button heart that bloomed pencil stubs. The inspiring play of delicacy, strength, preciousness and the everyday enchanted me; this image had captured something of what my heart really felt like.

I kick myself every day for not finding a way to purchase that sculpture. However, this artwork did inspire me to ask my young writers what they imagined their own hearts could be made of. With some consideration, these writers produced Valentine-themed poems much more interesting –and dare I say, more heartfelt— than the stock “Roses are red, violets are blue” Valentine chants. Here is one young girl’s response:

My Heart’s Expressions

My heart is a quiet room
filled with candles. My heart
is red and pink unique
buttons. My heart is a tiny
egg wanting to burst out,
with sounds of little baby
puppies whimpering for milk.
My heart is a pocket for
people I love. My heart is
a place for red juicy punch.tria
My heart is a purple silk
ribbon waiting to be untied.

by Audie, 2nd grade

posted by Tria Wood, Writers in the Schools