Minecraft House

Posted July 7, 2013 & filed under Notebook.

When I build a house in
Minecraft, I take my time
and do it right.
There are glass walls
and long hallways,
blue beds and
rooftop gardens
with yellow flowers
and green cacti.
My library is full of
books and I have a
ladder that leads to
the top of the trees.
My sister’s house is
across the water and
through the desert.
It’s made out of
limestone and has a
glass top.  When I
fall into the world
of Minecraft, I can
my imagination.

By Pearl, 3rd grade

To Play or Not To Play

Posted October 18, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

To play or not to play, that is the question.
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the dying and losing on the same level
over and over again and the frustration
of the “Game Over” voice that comes on
when you lose all your lives, or taking
a controller, coming down and finishing it.
To restart, perchance to succeed—ah,
there’s the kick, for in that beating of the level,
what may come when we have beat
the M-rated violent level must
give us pause—there is the respect
of the cheesy graphics.

By Nikolas

Photo by Mykl Roventine via Flickr

My Name is Memphis

Posted August 17, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

I was born in Gamma’s house and every time I spend the
night there she wakes up and cooks me sausage and grits.
I have a nephew named Jaden who I play ball with. My
favorite things to do are eat, watch TV, and play video games
all day. My favorite video game is Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtle Smash Up and Spiderman 1. My favorite subject is
math because it’s easy. Last summer
I went to Camp Periwinkle,
Houston Space Center, and
Schlitterbahn. At Schlitterbahn there was a
pirate ship that drops water on you and makes you forget
everything, but it didn’t make me forget because I am
hydro-dynamically designed. It was awesome!

By Memphis,
Age 8

Photo by Brandt Williams via Flickr