The Ocean is My Cousin

Posted September 10, 2010 & filed under Notebook.

I tell her, I am cold.
She splashes warm water on me.
I tell her, please make me handsome.
She gives me a crown of swordfish.
I tell her, I am hungry.
She gives me good fish to eat.
I tell her, I am tired.
She gives me a blanket of scales.
I tell her, I want to play.
She gives me turtle shells to throw in the sky.

By Christopher,  2nd Grade



Posted September 4, 2009 & filed under Notebook.


Water rushing downhill, light green,
trees standing tall in the wind, dark green,
peaceful walking, discovering, finding,
what is long lost can never be found again.
Falling, crawling, climbing trees
into the rushing water, wondering what
is around the bend,
trying to find my way home.

By Victoria, 6th grade
[photo by Tim Vink via flickr]

Text Messaging the Ocean

Posted April 18, 2008 & filed under Poem of the Day.


You will feel the vibrations.
If you don’t reply, you might drown.
Text the ocean, she will text you back
She will send a breeze.
You will shiver.
She will send a smell you will like.
You will see a big cloud come out of the ocean.

By Daniel, age 12
(photo by Dougww via flickr)