Katrina 5

Posted March 12, 2015 & filed under Poem, Student Writing.


Lwr94JanBentStopsign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They can’t prevent me.
I loom above them like a thundercloud.
A cat about to strike
Down upon a defenseless mouse.

The ocean can’t stop me.
Just a hurdle, a centimeter off the ground.
Crushed beneath my feet.
People fleeing, screaming, crying, wailing.

They can’t stop me.
I’ll tear it down.
I’ll tear it all down.

by Lucy, 7th Grade

Snow in Houston

Posted December 13, 2013 & filed under Notebook.

In Houston snow is very rare
When it does snow, I bundle up
I drink hot cocoa inside
There’s not enough snow to
sled or build a snowman
But I do go outside and play
I run under the snowflakes
I watch the sun’s rays twist and
blast off while the snow level rises.

By Adam, 3rd grade

The Hurricane

Posted August 18, 2011 & filed under Poem of the Day.

On August 18, 1983, Hurricane Alicia hit the Texas coast. It killed 22 people and caused a billion dollars in damage.

Many children have lived through natural disasters and witnessed difficult things. Creating a safe space for them to talk and write about their experiences is a form of healing.

Today, as we remember the destruction caused by Hurricane Alicia and other hurricanes, here is a poem by a high school student about what it feels like to live through one.  Her first-hand testimony captures the intensity of the storm, her fear, and her new-found understanding that home is not always safe.

We shouldn’t have stayed

Slashing winds, my parents arguing, and the electricity cut off

No way to take a bath to calm down because of this storm

My mom says I could get shocked

My dad says quit complaining

We shouldn’t have stayed

The rain looks like a wall of water

The winds are howling like monsters of my childhood

And I feel scared because I might be blown away

We shouldn’t have stayed

It’s black and dark and LOUD outside

I can’t sleep because I’m worried about the pets

that people might have left outside

I want to go home but I am home

We shouldn’t have stayed

by Lauren, 11th grade

A Place

Posted December 8, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


Snow Snow

cold as ice

fun to play with

Snow Snow

pure snow water

diamond clear

ornaments hang

reach the sky

By Lily, 4th Grade

Photo by annkelliott via Flickr

Rainy Day

Posted June 28, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


I aimed at my target like a sniper. I waited for the perfect moment to attack. My comrades waited for my instructions. I told them to follow my every move. “Now attack!” I shouted. We fell out of the sky determined to soak our enemy.

Splash!!! I hit my target, and he ran for cover. My comrades managed to get some shots off, but he was soaking wet. As I soaked into his jacket, I saw him put up an umbrella to try to foil our plans. We recovered and managed just in time to get run over by cars and bicycles. As we stormed the world, we managed to end up in the ocean.

People all around the world love the rainy days. We just give them what they want. Again and again, we pound our adversaries until the bright yellow sun comes out and tells us we can resume our rain another day. For now, we will let the people enjoy the sunny days. Until then, we make puddles so little kids can play. We make swamps that animals can live in. When we really want to have fun, we storm through open riversides and have little roller-coaster rides. The sun evaporates us, but we will be back for more.

By Devon, 7th grade
Photo by shesnuckinfuts via Flickr

The Rain

Posted June 11, 2010 & filed under Notebook.


[Photo by Wari via Flickr]

Rush of water
Coming down to us from the skies
After rain, rainbow

By Yerulan
4th grade