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The sky looks like soup or wallpaper

it’s all gray and still and thick

All I see are black birds in the trees

By Jaxson, 3rd grade

A Place

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Snow Snow

cold as ice

fun to play with

Snow Snow

pure snow water

diamond clear

ornaments hang

reach the sky

By Lily, 4th Grade

Photo by annkelliott via Flickr


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Ice poured from the atmosphere like rain pours from a cloud

but the tangerine skies remained filled with flocks of chirping birds.

Emerald grasses soft as clouds bend down as I sit upon them.

Not far away, the ocean shines like a thousand diamonds stretching out into the world.

Silence surrounds me; there is no sound for miles.

There is only the sound of the wind that whispers past my ears.

The strength of the breeze is incredible.

It rams me with a blazing cold.

For hours I wonder through this mystic land feeling as if I was alive.

By Felix

Photo by kodama via Flickr

Where Spring Went

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. . . and when the spring got here
peace arrived, the wind would laugh
And I couldn’t help it but laugh too.
And by the twenty-first of some month
peace and wind would leave
And then you came here
Along with winter, with its cold,
steady whispers
And you taught my mind
That the days were easier in spring
That winter brings sorrow
For when the flowers die
And the trees are naked
I should run
run to a place where spring went.

By Montserrat, 10th grade
[photo by bossbob50 via flickr]

Icy Lake

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The lake is still

Smooth like glass

Perfect but delicate

I step outside

Shivering in the cold

Sitting down I drift in thought

The lake is still

By Alexander, 6th grade

[photo by fissionedmail via flickr]