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What kind of animal…

• squawks for food
• has rainbow feathers
• stares at you with yellow, green, and black eyes
• has a white, peach, and black beak
• makes a big racket
• snaps its sharp beak while eating
• makes a big riot
• feels smooth on its feathers
• scratches at windows
• smells spoiled and tastes rotten
• talks like people
• lives in tropical rainforests
• is very rowdy
• has a feathery body
• often lives with 80 or more friends?

Think it over for 10 seconds….

Answer: a parrot
By Casey, 2nd grade

Adivinanza (Riddle)

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Soy grande como una caja, luminoso como una estrella y amarillo como el sol.

Canto pio pio pio cuando voy a mi casa y te despierto en la mañana.

Mi casa es un nido, vivo en un árbol y me gusta caminar por él.

Me gusta volar por el cielo muy alto, comer maiz y dormir con mi mamá

Quién soy?

Un pájaro.



I am big as a box, luminous as a star and yellow like the sun.

I sing pio pio pio when I go to my house, and I wake you up in the morning.

My house is a nest. I live in a tree, and I like to walk in it.

I like to fly in the sky very high, eat corn, and sleep with my mom.

Who am I?

A bird.

by Camila, 2nd Grade

[photo by oliviaolive via flickr]

The Leaf

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fall-leaves-by-smallchih-v-flickr.jpgI am in a tree.
I see kids.
Birds fly above me.
I fall down and land on an ant.
I hear a train from far away.
A girl picks me up,
then she throws me on the ground.
The people step on me a lot of times.

I am the leaf.

by Jasmine, 1st Grade
[photo by smallchih via flickr]