WITS' Program Director Errica Dotson-Hooper speaks at WITS' open house.

For nearly 40 years, Writers in the Schools has championed a world where children are empowered by the joy of reading and writing. We do this by creating nurturing, creative spaces in classrooms, parks, community centers, and throughout Greater Houston. 

Our renowned summer camps deepen critical thinking, our performances grow self-expression, and our educator programs develop teachers into expert writers.

On Tuesday, December 14, help us celebrate these transformative opportunities with our first-ever WITS Day — join us in revolutionizing the way reading and writing are taught by making a gift!

Student stands in front of display case with clipboard and pen ready to take notes.

Our goal is to raise $15,000. But what exactly does that do for Houston’s young, creative readers and writers?

  • Gifts of $5,000 support one annual afterschool program
  • $3,000 will provide a 24-week performance residency for 40 students
  • Gifts of $2,000 get WITS into the community for one full semester
  • $1,000 provides a year of WITS Collaborative coaching for one teacher
  • Ten students per year are supported with gifts of $500
Teacher and student share a smile at summer camp.

Why December 14?

There have been many creative and innovative firsts on this day. The Wright Brothers attempted their first flight (1903). The Jackson Five made their first appearance (1969). And poets and writers like Juan Nicasio Gallego (1777), Charles Wolfe (1791), and Regina Ullmann (1884) were born. On December 14 we also celebrate More Good Today Day — a moment for spreading kindness.

Join us on December 14 to celebrate WITS Day. Make a gift and make a difference in the lives of your readers and writers.