WITS Collaborative


teacher and student

WITS revolutionizes the teaching of writing. The WITS Collaborative is a job-embedded coaching model, founded on the theory that students learn to write more effectively when they are taught by a teacher who is experienced at writing.

WITS Collaborative creates a culture of writing for entire schools. WITS writers are “personal trainers” for teachers, sharing innovative lessons that are initiated with teaching teams, co-taught in classrooms, and then demonstrated by teachers. This unique approach engages teachers and students in shared writing experiences while providing an embedded learning community. The results of the WITS Collaborative are astounding.

The WITS Collaborative began at Bellaire High School, producing significant gains in both writing and reading for the STAAR standardized tests. The ninth grade scores placed Bellaire as the top comprehensive high school district wide, excluding magnet schools. Even more impressive, the tenth grade Reading and Writing scores placed Bellaire as the top high school, far above all other schools in HISD. School administrators attributed these outstanding scores to the WITS Collaborative. If WITS can have this impact on the largest high school in the district, just imagine the possibilities.